Mastering the language of vintage Levi’s can be exhausting. There are two many numbers to choose from. But here is the simplified version of the 3 most important things you need to know about vintage Levi’s jeans. The rest, really does not matter.

  1. Know that Levi’s 501 or 505 are the ‘it girl’ vintage jeans to have. That’s all!!!
  2. Know that the only difference between 501 and 505 is that, 501 has buttons and sits at the waist. 505 has a zipper and sits below the waist.
  3. Know which style of 501 or 505 that fits your body perfectly choosing among original fit, shrink to fit or regular fit. Each style determines whether your jeans will sit at the waist, below or above it, and also the shape of the leg opening. 

Personally, when I think of a sophisticated pair of vintage jeans, the Levi’s 501 is what comes to mind. It sits exactly where l like my vintage jeans to sit, right at the waist.Let’s be friends: Follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and like me on Facebook.

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