I like to think of ros? (blush wine) as the wine that could have been red but it was made lighter in color instead. Which means it’s also lighter in flavor, aroma, acidity and alcohol volume. This is why for many years ros? was perceived to be the less prominent wine. In recent years however, ros? has become one of the most popular drink of choice around the world. If blush is your wine of choice, below are three things to know:

1. When in doubt, order Provence rose’ because it’s the cr?me de la cr?me of ros?. Being the birth place of rose’ and specializing almost entirely in this kind of wine, Provence has definitely mastered the art of crafting exceptional blush wines. Just ask the waiter what Provence rose’ options they have.

2. Ros?’ Champagne is just as decadent and renowned as regular champagne. Old are the days when ros? champagne was frowned upon. Now the kind of champagne you order should be a matter of personal preference, not public perception.

3. Ros? expires quickly therefore avoid the vintage kind. Choose one that was made withing the last two years. Later than that, it’s 50/50.


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