I recently spruced up this old mirror so that it can match my new white bedroom theme. It used to be attached to an old dresser that I also repainted recently. Below is how I did it.

Items Used: White Paint and Primer.


This is how it used to be attached to the dresser.


First thing I did was detach it from the dresser to work on it individually


I put some plastic on the glass prevent the paint from sparring all over it


Then I primed it


And I painted it with several coats of white paint until it was dry and even.


And this was the finished product.

I’ve had these suede Sam Edelman slippers for several years now. I like their plainness and they have served me well over the years, but a few days ago I decided to prettify them with some fabric paint and some iron on patches that I bought from Michael’s. Below is how I did it: ITEMS […]

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I am hosting a dinner party for a few of my friends this weekend. Since this will be the first time most of my out of state friends are coming to my new place, I want to give each one of them something that is hand made to show my appreciation. I decided on handing […]

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