I love this quick dessert because it can be made in about two minutes. I made it recently when a close friend came over to our home for a quick visit. She only had a few minutes to spare because she was in transit to another town hence I made a quick sandwich and crowned our meal with this dessert. This is how I made it:  Items Used: Stemless glass. Chocolate fudge or chocolate syrup. Soft cookies. Coconut Fruit Bar. Wafer Rolls. Knife for cutting.

1. I cut the cookies into four parts to make small equal squares.

2. I cut the coconut bar into squares as well.

3. I put all the ingredients into the stemless glass.

4. I poured chocolate fudge over all the ingredients. Then I refrigerated for about 5 minutes to slow down the coconut bar’s melting.

And it all came together beautifully!

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I like to think of rosé (blush wine) as the wine that could have been red but it was made lighter in color instead. Which means it’s also lighter in flavor, aroma, acidity and alcohol volume. This is why for many years rosé was perceived to be the less prominent wine. In recent years however, […]

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I truly believe that you don’t need to be a wine expert to enjoy wine. All you have to know is which wine color you prefer, what it should taste like and how much alcohol volume you want in it. The rest is to be known by the experts who are paid to know about […]

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Hi guys. I want to share this two ingredient vanilla pistachio pudding I made a while back. I simply used pre-made pudding (vanilla and pistachio), and then garnished the top with some crushed mint candy. Ingredients: Vanilla Pudding. Pistachio Pudding. Mint Candy. Step 1: Get two stemless wine glasses. Tilt one glass over the other. […]

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I am hosting a dinner party for a few of my friends this weekend. Since this will be the first time most of my out of state friends are coming to my new place, I want to give each one of them something that is hand made to show my appreciation. I decided on handing […]

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This past weekend we had a mini birthday party and I made these two toned cupcakes to complement the party’s pink and yellow theme. These cupcakes are so easy to make that all I had to do was use a divider and fill it with two different types of cupcake mix as shown below. Items […]

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The idea of wine tasting events can seem intimidating to anyone who is not a wine connoisseur. I have put together a simplified version of wine tasting which I learned from a wine tasting class some time back. There are about six basic steps involved in wine tasting as listed below: Step 1. SEE: The […]

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