Hi guys. I wanted to share with you guys one of the wonderful epiphanies I’ve had in the last couple of years. About two years ago or so, during a very traumatic phase of my life that was dominated by depression, severe anxiety, insomnia, financial insecurity, worry and fear, I discovered my life purpose and transformed my whole life. This period was very life changing because I discovered answers that have eluded mankind for many generations. It was immediately after this period that I began to write my upcoming self-help book, The Superior Law.

And through it all, I also realized that life is quiet simple, if one simplifies it. Many of us search for purpose, meaning and happiness in worldly objects that we can’t control without realizing that inner contentment could be derived from simple things around us that we already possess.

Instead of inventing new methods of fulfilling my perpetual desires, I have learned to find joy in simple things such as a routine morning workout, yoga, meditation, decluttering my home, a hot morning beverage over a good book, or as in today’s case, eating blueberry cereal from a glass meant for red wine.

Through many trials and errors, it has become evident to me that being happy is a personal responsibility I owe to myself, and it can only come from my own actions, which I have chosen to keep very simple. And when I am feeling particularly unhappy over trivial matters or unsuccessful pursuits, I make it a priority do something simple but sentimental for myself, as would the late painter, Tamare De Limpick, who chose to wear her best dinner gown and finest jewelry to enjoy a home made fancy dinner by herself if she did not have a date.

Love always,



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