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Hi guys. I finally finished redecorating my bedroom. My nightstand area is by far my favorite and I’m excited to share these simple step by step pictures of how I decorated it. There are five basic steps to consider when decorating a nightstand that looks professionally styled. These steps are Function, Decor Style, Decor Method, Color and Quantity as elaborated before.

STEP 1. FUNCTION: Decide what your nightstand will be used for. Will it be functional or just for decor purposes? I decided that I wanted my nightstand to be both decorative with flowers but also functional for my bedtime needs such as books I’m currently reading and a lamp.


STEP 2. DECOR STYLE:? Pick a decor style to stick to. Picking a decor style helps to decorate with a theme in mind and restrains you from adding irrelevant keepsakes. For my nightstand I picked vintage-antique decor style because it blends well with my bed.That is why these books on my nightstand have antique looking DIY book covers and labels.


STEP 3. DECOR METHOD: There are three main ways to style a nightstand: high, low or wide method. With the high method all the pieces are tall and go high up, with low method the pieces stay low on the table and with the wide method the decor spreads out widely. This helps to keep things unified. I picked the method that goes high up which is why I have a stack of books going up, a long lamp and a tall flower vase. Basically every piece I used goes upwards.


STEP 4: COLOR: Decide how many colors you want on your nightstand. Pick at least 1 dominant color and about 2-3 subordinate colors. I picked white as my dominant color, then pink and gold as my subordinate colors as you can see in the pictures. Everything on the nightstand has my white dominant color in it, then my gold subordinate color is in the lamp and nightstand, then lots of pink on the book covers.

STEP 5: QUANTITY: Decide how many things you want on your nightstand to restrain you from over decorating. Since nightstands have limited room, keep pieces to a maximum of about 3-5. I recommend choosing odd numbers because they are aesthetically pleasing and more agreeable. I used 3 objects altogether, counting the stacked books as one.

Let me know in the comments how it goes if you follow this guide. Have a great week ahead.


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