I’ve had this dresser (before pictures below) for several years now. After we recently moved into our new home I debated whether to put it on the curb, donate it or transform it into a completely new dresser to match my white and gold bedroom decor.? I decided on the latter and here is how the transformation went.


This is how ancient the dresser looked before it was transformed into modern times.

1. The first thing I did before I started painting was detach the mirror from the dresser. Having a mirrored dresser just felt a little too ancient. I’ll post some pictures soon of how I also transformed the mirror and turned it into a bright “stand-alone floor mirror”. Here is a sneak pic however.

2. Then I used a white primer as the base coat.

3. And then I painted the dresser with several layers of white paint from Home Depot. I waited for each layer to dry completely before adding a new one.

4. Lastly, I added some gold upholstery tacks, and these white and gold drawer knobs also from Home Depot.

5. For decor, I used some of my old art as the focal point and the backdrop for where the mirror used to be, added two matching lamps in gold and white, used a gold tray to hold some products I use every day, added some books I’m currently reading and topped off with my daughter’s old handmade ballet shoes.

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