We’ve had this beautiful oak piano for a few years. Now that the entire decor of my home is transitioning into white and bright pastels (as you can see here & here), it was time to spruce up the piano as well and move it into the livingroom. Below is how the transformation went:?

First thing I did was prime the piano. I used about two cans of primer to make sure the paint was going to adhere well.

This was after the second cane of primer.

After the primer dried completely, I gave it several coats of Ultra Pure White paint from Home Depot. I waited several hours in between each coat for the paint to dry completely. I used a roller instead of a brush to make sure the end result was smooth.

I taped the piano keys to avoid getting paint on them and very carefully painted around them with a very small brush

I did not touch the inside paint but I did carefully paint around it to have a professional and even looking finished paint job.

After the painting was done, I moved the piano from the kitchen and into the livingroom against a window that gets a lot of sunlight. And as strange as it may sound, I had the piano in the kitchen for years and I would have my daughter play me songs while I cooked:).?Having it sitting against a bright window just looks so much prettier and inviting to be played.

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