The idea of wine tasting events can seem intimidating to anyone who is not a wine connoisseur. I have put together a simplified version of wine tasting which I learned from a wine tasting class some time back. There are about six basic steps involved in wine tasting as listed below:

Step 1. SEE: The first step is just to look at the wine. Wine experts usually refer to this step as the inspection phase. I like to think of this step as where I admire and appreciate not just the wine in my glass but also the sophisticated art of wine making itself.

Step 2. SWIRL: Since many aged wines have been sitting on the shelf for many years, the particles usually separate. Swirling helps to bring the contents of the wine together, and encourages aged wine to produce its evocative aroma.

Step 3. SMELL: Smelling the wine is my favorite part of wine tasting events. When the aroma is produced, it’s just natural to smell it and take in that lovely scent.

Step 4. SIP: After you have seen the wine, swirled it and even smelled it’s powerful fragrance, it is finally time to indulge and take a sip of your wine.

Step 5. SAVOR: After you sip the wine, it is recommended that you take your time to swirl it around your mouth and actually enjoy all the flavors the wine has to offer. After all, wine tasting is for hedonistic purposes.

Step 6. SWALLOW: When you are ready, you can swallow the wine. If you are tasting many wines, it is better to pace yourself to avoid getting intoxicated.Let’s be friends: Follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and like me on Facebook