I love this quick dessert because it can be made in about two minutes. I made it recently when a close friend came over to our home for a quick visit. She only had a few minutes to spare because she was in transit to another town hence I made a quick sandwich and crowned our meal with this dessert. This is how I made it:  Items Used: Stemless glass. Chocolate fudge or chocolate syrup. Soft cookies. Coconut Fruit Bar. Wafer Rolls. Knife for cutting.

1. I cut the cookies into four parts to make small equal squares.

2. I cut the coconut bar into squares as well.

3. I put all the ingredients into the stemless glass.

4. I poured chocolate fudge over all the ingredients. Then I refrigerated for about 5 minutes to slow down the coconut bar’s melting.

And it all came together beautifully!

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