I truly believe that you don’t need to be a wine expert to enjoy wine. All you have to know is which wine color you prefer, what it should taste like and how much alcohol volume you want in it. The rest is to be known by the experts who are paid to know about wine. So here is the simplified version of what you need to know when ordering dessert wine:

1. Dessert wines generally have 14% or more alcohol concentration, which makes them the highest concentrated wines in alcohol volume.

2. With alcohol volume of about 14% or more, it is wise to have dessert wine at the end of dinner in order to avoid intoxication while you are still on the appetizer.

3. Despite various contradicting opinions, dessert wine can be drunk by itself, paired with the main course or alongside dessert as popularly perceived. This should be a matter of personal preference. The only important things to remember are point number 1 and 2.

???????????? P.S: The sweeter the dessert wine, the more alcohol it contains.


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