Splurge: Balmain.???? Save: Tagliatore

As you can tell by now, I am alarmingly obsessed with double breasted blazers. In fact I am obsessed with all kinds of blazers especially if they are in bright colors or made with sparkly fabric (as you can see here and here). Which I must guess is why a special person recently gifted me with this red Balmain blazer.

Balmain’s classic double breasted blazers are currently a favorite of mine mostly due to the firm padded shoulders, fitted design, the striking buttons and of course the detailed tailoring.? Then I also came across this version by Tagliatore which is twice less in price yet just as conditioned as the former. It’s interesting however to note how similar both blazers look and I just love the gold buttons on both of them.

If budget were not a factor, which design would truly suit your style?


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